From the Autodesk University expo: Innovations to look out for in the construction industry

The Autodesk University exposition in Las Vegas last month, showcased some of the cutting-edge technology that is about to hit the industry. The event was hailed as an exciting insight into the future of construction. Here are some of the highlights from the expo that are sure to make a huge impact on the industry:

  1. 3D printed concrete

BAM’s live demonstration of its 3D concrete printer was said to be a massive hit at the expo, it produced a range of shapes for the demo such as mini bridges and chairs.

When used in the construction industry, the contractor said that this technology will help to reduce waste in the industry as it will create very accurate replicas of digital designs. It is currently being used on a larger scale as BAM plans to create a 29m 3D-printed bridge in the Dutch city of Nijmegen.

  1. VR health and safety

Consultant Aecom has started to use VR instead of presentations for health and safety briefings. It uses simulations to transport workers into certain environments where they can visualise and experience different hazards. They can be more proactive in identifying such hazards and therefore more prepared for the working environment.

  1. BIM robot

Scaled Robotics has introduced a robot that can scan and measure a construction site itself. Taking a task that would normally take six to seven hours, using traditional methods, and completing it in 40 minutes. It collects data and 360° photographs of its surroundings and is then able to assess the build quality of a project.

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