Contractor and client fined a total of £20,000 after a worker was injured by falling shuttering panel.

Antrim Crown Court has fined both the contractor and the client of a project to build a reinforced concrete wall at McClure Farms in Coleraine. Richard McClure had contracted S Higgins Construction Ltd to build the structure in November 2018


The 23-year-old employee at S Higgins, suffered numerous fractures and injuries after a metal panel fell on him whilst he was working on the project. The case arose after a recent investigation into the incident showed that the metal panel was not secured prior to the accident.


Both McClure Farms and S Higgins Construction Ltd had pleaded guilty to the Health and Safety violations and were both fined £10,000 for the offences.


Kevin Campbell, an inspector with HSENI’s construction team, said that “all construction work needs to be properly planned.”


“Farmers must engage contractors with appropriate skill, knowledge and experience, and all work must be carried out in a safe manner.”

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